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Randomness-What a Surprise

The Point

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Hello and welcome to my little bit of randomness....
This site is a little bit of everything....
books, movies,music....blogs.......everything else I can think of.......

So about the randomness I was telling you about...I am open to ideas and suggestions, but KEEP IT CLEAN! Other than that, all randomness is accepted.



Simply put, the lady down and to the left (v,<) is my FAVORITE author, and those books are my favorites. If you have read those, then NO, they are not my favorites because of the male lead (cause yes,I'm a girl). They are my favorites because for some odd reason, stories about vampires who make models take a hit on their self-esteem are preferable to me. But then, I'm not exactly normal........

My Playlist:
  • Every Time We Touch- Cascada
  • Papercut-Linkin Park
  • What I'veDone-Linkin Park
  • Savin' Me-Nickleback
  • Bring Me to Life-Evanescence
  • Can't Take It: the All-American Rejects
  • Dance, Dance-Fall Out Boy
  • Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol
  • Crashed-Daughtry
  • First Time-Lifehouse
  • You and Me-Lifehouse
  • Stab My Back-The All-American Rejects
  • When the Stars Go Blue-Bethany Joy Lenz/Tyler Hilton


Randomness Galore