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Twilight Page

This page is about my favorite series and the woman who wrote them. Below is a link to her website.

This page is a fanfiction page. Feel free to leave your fanfic in the comment box. I can't post them here, but I can put them on my blog. So you can leave it here, or there....or, you know, here...........

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What Twilight is about:Chapter by Chapter
Chapter 1:Bella Swan's mother is remarried, and Bella is going to Forks, Washington to live with her father. Her first day at school is a disaster. The hottest guy in school , Edward Cullen, hates her, and she dosen't even know why. She has luckily made some friends.
Chapter 2: Bella's next day at school is better and worse. It's better because she has everything figured out. It's worse because Edward Cullen isn't in school at all. By the next week, though, Edward is back, and he's surprisingly friendly. 
Chapter 3: The next morning, Bella wakes up and is horrified to discover that there is ice on the roads. After finally making it to school, she notices snow chains on the tires of her truck. Several things happen in the next second.

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